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I just got a press release that promised me “September is the new January!” And while I don’t really understand why we have to replace January, I do adore back-to-school season and that fresh start feeling it implies. (Despite my end-of-summer denial referenced here. What can I say? Like ninjas, I am the ultimate paradox.)

Plus for me, September is especially January-like because it’s the annual anniversary of when I launched my freelance writing life and the start of my personal work year. Yes, this September 2012 marks seven lovely cubicle-free years for VA.


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[Inside the Pink Pyramid] CBSNews.com MoneyWatch Interview

I did a really interesting interview this week with Amy Levin-Epstein, who writes for CBS MoneyWatch. We talked about why Mary Kay is so appealing to so many women, especially right now in the midst of our recession, which may actually be a mom-cession (so much for all that he-cession talk?).

Here’s part of what I told MoneyWatch.

The company’s founder, Mary Kay Ash, knew exactly why women were frustrated in the 1960s: the lack of gender equality, which meant they were dependent on their husband’s income and unable to make much headway in the workplace. But she also knew that a significant majority of women weren’t responding to the hardcore feminist revolution that say, Betty Friedan was advocating in “The Feminist Mystique.”


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