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[Inside the Pink Pyramid] But Of Course, Our Products End Up With the Retail Consumer

When I spoke with Laura Beitler, Mary Kay’s Vice President of Compliance, on NPR’s On Point on Monday, she was quick to emphasize that “absolutely, the majority of our products end up with the end consumer.” But when we pressed her, she also had to admit: “We can’t and don’t track retail sales.” 

How can both those things be true? 

To avoid falling into the Federal Trade Commission’s official definition of a pyramid scheme, it’s very important for Mary Kay — and all multi-level marketing companies — to insist that their primary goal is getting their products out to retail consumers. But to avoid being exposed as a business where the vast majority of the sales force is losing money, all of these companies have to claim that they have no idea what those end retail consumers are spending.


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[Never Say Diet] Pretty Disturbing

Never Say Diet Fashion Model Study Virginia Sole-Smith

Looking at “perfect” models in women’s magazines (or ahem, on women’s websites) makes you feel better about your body — but twist! Only if you’re already on a diet. Because you don’t like your body. Wrap your head around that one over on Never Say Diet today.

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Pretty Price Check (01.01.10)

Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty last week.


Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's $1000 face cream.


Shhh — technically, I’m still on blog-cation (oh ew, don’t you hate when bloggers combine that word with absolutely everything?). But there has been just so much news in the last two weeks that I thought I’d hop on with a special New Year’s Day edition of the Price Check. You know, to give you something to read while you recover from the first hangover of 2010.


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