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Filing Under Terrible: Weight Watchers for Teens and Blue Apron for Poor People

Potluck Buffet

I’ve got two seemingly unrelated food things on my mind this week: Earlier this month, Weight Watchers announced plans to offer free memberships to teenagers this summer. And then last week, the Trump administration announced a proposal to replace half of a family’s food stamps budget with an “American Harvest Box,” of USA-grown food. White House OMB Director Mick Mulvaney described the new plan as “a Blue Apron-type program,” which was immediately mocked as an obvious reach. (Somehow I don’t see the USDA springing for full-color recipe cards — plus, what gourmet delicacy can you whip up with shelf stable milk, peanut butter, canned fruit and cereal?)


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Happy Black Friday

Take a break from all that damn shopping for some beauty-related funny from my friend, the hilarious and talented stand-up Sue Funke. 


Hee hee. The hair mayonnaise thing, I know! Now back to shopping. Those flat screen TVs aren’t going to buy themselves.

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[Never Say Diet] When Losing Weight is Your Job

iVillage Never Say Diet Virginia Sole-Smith Celebrity Weight Loss Spokespeople

I’m feeling sorry for celebrity weight loss spokespeople today over on Never Say Diet. And marveling at the ability of commercial diet plans to take full credit when their dieters succeed… and yet cede full responsibility when they fail. Those are some nimble dance steps.

Read more here.

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[Never Say Diet] The Diet Report

iVillage Never Say Diet Consumer Reports Diet Report Virginia Sole-Smith

Consumer Reports just rated a bunch of commercial diet plans like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. They based their grades on how much weight participants lose and whether the diet is nutritionally balanced. But I want to know why they don’t factor body image into that equation.

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[Never Say Diet] Body Image Issues: Strong Enough For a Man

Body Image Issues: Strong Enough for a Man Never Say Diet Virginia Sole-Smith

“I’m like, it’s not rainbows and lollipops,” says the man’s man in a new Weight Watchers ad campaign that debuted Sunday. “This is a plan for MEN.”

Are you clear on the distinction? Men like beer. (So Weight Watchers has created a Beer Cheat Sheet for them.) Women like… rainbows and lollipops. (Also ponies. And dotting the letter “i” with a heart. Because we’re all six.)

Here’s why the diet industry’s decision to target male consumers is bad news for everyone.

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