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Concerns From a Fitness Professional

Last month, in Why Fit is the New Thin, I explored how the “fitspiration” phenomenon can be uncomfortably reminiscent of the “thinspiration” phenomenon. They aren’t entirely identical; thinspiration is pretty much always about collecting pictures that glorify an unhealthy and unattainable standard of beauty (skinny). Fitspiration can be about motivating and empowering yourself to try rock climbing, do a handstand, run a marathon or reach some other kick-ass physical fitness goal. But it can also be about glorifying an unhealthy and unattainable standard of beauty… and because it all gets dressed up as “fitness,” the unhealthy parts can be a lot harder to pick out. I offered some guidelines that help me separate the “this makes me want to run outside and be sweaty and awesome!” stuff from the “this makes me feel like dog poo if  I can only go to the gym for 35 minutes instead of 45 minutes today.”


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[Never Say Diet] Can the Rockettes Really Be Reinvented?

iVillage Never Say Diet Rockettes Virginia Sole-Smith

Not to sound like an awful curmudgeon, but I’m not convinced we can remake the Rockettes as karate-kicking post-feminist role models, no matter how many LED special effects the new show employs. The show’s 78 year history just seems too steeped in a sexist Stepford beauty ideal that demands women work incredibly hard (five shows per day, six days per week hard) to look exactly like everybody else. I’ll admit, I’m not much of a joiner, but I have a hard time finding the empowerment in any activity that strips away personal identity to this degree. (This might be why I ran into so much trouble over military dress codes, too.)


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[Beauty Overheard] This Gisele Business

Gisele Perfume Ad

So last week, this happened:

[Brazilian supermodel] Gisele claims she refuses to use the product because of all the chemicals they contain to absorb UVA and UVB light.

‘I cannot put this poison on my skin,’ the 30-year-old said. ‘I do not use anything synthetic.’

As a compromise, Bundchen claims she only exposes herself to the sun before 8am when it is still too weak to do any damage.

Dermatologists and sunscreen manufacturers everywhere went wild and Gisele’s publicist scurried to do damage control.

Gisele would never say not to use sunscreen because she has had family members who have had skin cancer. She simply stated that her all-natural skin-care line does not have SPF because there is not an all natural SPF available.

But then, No More Dirty Looks noticed that over on Gisele’s blog, she’s still telling it like it is. Well, sorta. Read more…

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Pretty Price Check: It’s Protest Friday! (10.29.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday roundup of how much we paid for beauty this week.

Photo of Teens Turning Green Abercrombie & Fitch Protest Poster

Attention New Yorkers! You still have time to hoof it over to the Abercrombie & Fitch store on 5th Avenue and 57th Street, where Teens Turning Green will be hosting another fragrance protest at 4 PM. (Check out my Lemondrop coverage of their first San Fran protest, and New York Mag’s report on today’s festivities.) Bring your gas masks! Good times for all!

And after you finish fighting toxic fragrances, why don’t you mosey on over to the Hearst Building at 57th and 8th Ave for the Big Fat Kiss-In protesting Marie Claire writer Maura Kelly’s woefully misguided blog post about how fat people shouldn’t kiss (or walk or do much else) in public. (Via Jezebel)

I’m ALL about some fat PDA, but it is also worth noting that MC is starting up an interesting series of counterpoint posts in response to Kelly’s piece. Jezebel’s Sadie also has a fabulous round-up of all the other great writing that has been pouring forth on this topic this week. Bottom line: We’re all talking about the epic problem that is size prejudice — and I’m excited to see what good can come out of this.

Plus you have a busy afternoon of protesting ahead of you, so quick, grasshoppers! On with the Price Check… Read more…

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Pretty Price Check (02.05.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty last week.

$300: The value of the grab bag you could win if American Apparel decides you have the Best Bottom in the World. (Via The Cut.) Or here’s a better idea: Join the just-launched American Apparel Girlcott by sending Dov this great protest letter.


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[Glossed Over] PETA Digs Naked Chicks.

Glossed Over: Where we take a closer look at what advertisements are really selling.

Dear Environmental Movement,

A naked Playboy centerfold being ogled by dogs as an obvious rip-off on Victoria Secret Angels does not make me more responsive to the countless “give us money” emails, calendars and address labels you keep sending me this time of year.

It does make me wonder why I bother to keep on recycling for you, if we’re just saving the planet so guys can get porn. We vote on your issues, volunteer more time, and give you more money than men do. Please stop hating on women to make your point.


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