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[On Reading]

This week, I’ve been reading Bee Wilson’s First Bite, which is the fairly masterful book everybody asks “have you read…?” when I say I’m writing a book about how we learn to eat. This is actually a reread and I am once again dazzled by how poetically Wilson writes about scientific findings. Anyone who has to read medical journals on a regular basis knows that scientific studies are mostly written in the least exciting language possible, but Wilson has a real talent for turning those dense nuggets of research into accessible stories. She also tracks down some of the most incredible early research, like a 1926 study by Dr. Clara Davis, a pediatrician from Chicago, who “borrowed a number of infants” (mostly orphans) and fed them in controlled laboratory conditions for six years, in order to understand how our appetites and food preferences develop.


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[The Freelance Life] On Writing for “Exposure” and What We Need to Do About It

Here is a rule that I have about email: Once more than five people send me a link to something, I have to really read it and Have Thoughts. This week, it will not surprise you to hear that the link I keep getting emailed is Nate Thayer’s dust-up with The Atlantic when one of their online editors asked him to write a 1200 word article for “exposure.” (If you missed this whole deal and want a good summary of how The Atlantic and general world responded to Nate’s post, check out Jane Friedman’s excellent write-up here.)

“Exposure” is just a fancy word for “free.” As regular readers of this blog know, I am not a fan of working for free, although there are a few respectable instances where you might decide that it makes sense and exposure is one of them. Ironic case in point: I let that very blog post about not working for free be re-posted to Medium and Ed2010 for free – because those sites are run by colleagues who I like and respect and because I know they have lots of freelancers among their readership, so the piece could reach people who would find it helpful.


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More on Mary Kay: Why The Pink Pyramid Wants You to Have It All

Harpers.org Mary Kay & Having It All by Virginia Sole-Smith


As a follow-up to yesterday’s announcement about my article, The Pink Pyramid Scheme (which, annoyingly, is behind a paywall online right now — I know!), I‘ve written a companion piece that you can read for free on Harpers.org called “How Mary Kay Sells Women On Having It All.”

Because there has been a lot of talk online recently about that whole “having it all” thing — why women still don’t have it, what “it” even is and whether we want it, and so on. And Lord knows, we’re blaming feminists for plenty, but the fact of the matter is, Mary Kay Ash started promising women economic independence and empowerment back in 1963, way before power suits were trendy. But even as she built up the idea of having it all (and even later wrote a self-help book by the same name), she held firmly to the Mary Kay company motto: God first, family second, career third. Which neatly traps women in traditional gender roles, meaning your only path to empowerment is one that leaves the status quo tidy and intact.


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    The Eating Insinct: Food Culture, Body Image, and Guilt in America by Virginia Sole Smith

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