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Body Image Warrior Week: Me!

Body Image Warrior Week via AlreadyPretty

For my contribution to BIWW (why did I just now, on the final post, realize I could have been acronym-ing that all week? Sigh!) I decided to write an update of this old post. I’m kind of sentimental about that piece because it was pretty much the first time — after almost a year of blogging five times a week — I  wrote about my own body and my own body image struggles. And it was a lot to put out into the world. Especially if you’re not naturally a no boundaries kind of blogger. But it turned out to be hugely liberating and — judging by your comments anyway — kinda helpful. 

So I updated the piece and am reposting it here — not because I’m in the same place as I was when I first wrote it in October 2010. I’m so not. But because our bodies are still our bodies. They are always changing. And always the same. 


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Body Image Warrior Week: Rosie Molinary

Body Image Warrior Week via AlreadyPretty

Rosie Molinary is another new-to-me writer (she’s not all new — she’s written several books — I am just filling a lot of gaps in my body image knowledge this week!) and I’m loving that she found inspiration in a Nike ad, of all places. And then took it way beyond where the good people at Nike might have expected. 


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