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It Cost $2.5 Million to Keep My Child Alive (Slate.com)

I’ve got a new piece up on Slate on how repealing the Affordable Care Act could impact families like mine (yes, even with employer-sponsored insurance). And it will do even more damage to poor families relying on Medicaid to pay for their children’s complex healthcare needs. A little background there: As part of their ACA repeal goals, Republicans want to convert Medicaid and Medicare entitlement funds into block grants, which means that the amount of money a state receives will no longer depend on how many of its citizens need coverage. When that happened to welfare, we saw states tighten up eligibility requirements so much that 74 percent of American families with children living in poverty are now no longer able to get cash assistance when they need it.


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[Never Say Diet] Would Chris Christie Have Been Too Fat to Win?

iVillage Never Say Diet Chris Christie Virginia Sole-SmithLike yesterday’s post, this was all much more cutting-edge and relevant when we first ran it over on Never Say Diet right after Chris Christie made his no-really-guys-for-reals-now announcement that he wasn’t running for president.

Still, maybe you’re still pondering the nuances of the whole fat candidate thing. Or curious to know Bill Clinton’s Body Mass Index when he held office (hint: He wasn’t too thin). In which case, you should click right over to find out why I’m calling hypocrisy when red state Americans get hot for plain-spoken “just folks” candidates who want to shoot guns and drink beer just like them — but draw the line at a candidate that maybe looks just like them. Not cool.

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Pretty Price Check (07.02.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

  • 15: The number of extra pounds that Christina Hendricks is happy to keep around. According to yet another fricking interview with her about how much she loves her body. In Health Magazine this time. A) Of course she loves her body. Look. At. Her. B) Does anyone, ever, want to ask this poor woman questions about, oh I don’t know, acting? Maybe she has a neat hobby or two? (Via DoubleX.)


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