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Why Fit is the New Thin (And What We Can Do About It)

Trigger warning: In order to write today’s post, I have to use and link to images that are potentially triggering for folks with ED/in recovery/generally struggling with negative body image thought patterns right now. I’m going to be making it crystal clear why I do not endorse these images or want you to apply any of them to yourself — but please tread carefully and skip today’s post if you think this might be sensitive material for you. xo



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[Fun with Press Releases] Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2011

Fun with Press Releases: Because sometimes the beauty industry just goes there.

plastic surgery
January is a month of uncertainty. And it’s not just diets. We’re all filled with hope and excitement and burning questions about what the coming year will bring in terms of plastic surgery trends. Fortunately, this press release landed in my inbox just before the holidays to provide some answers.
It’s pretty in-depth, so I’ve bolded the best parts. I don’t want you to miss any gems. Read more…

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[Beauty Overheard] Jane Fonda is Not Proud of Her Plastic Surgery.

Photo of Jane Fonda blogging in the bathtub.

Via Jezebel (click here for video if you can bear Larry King’s inane interviewing style):

Last night, Jane Fonda appeared on Larry King Live to plug the launch of World Fitness Day. Fonda, 72, admitted she “caved” after swearing off plastic surgery in 2000, saying, “If I was really brave, I would’ve not.” Fonda said she didn’t want to lie about it, and though she doesn’t feel proud about going back on her vow, she said it’s her prerogative, and that she wants to look on the outside how she feels on the inside (she purposely did not use cosmetic procedures to address her crow’s-feet and laugh lines because she likes them).

So add Fonda to the list of aging celebrities who feel bad about their necks and other body parts. Which makes me sad — Jane Fonda (ofallpeople) should feel darn good about how she looks. Or should we file this under “at least she’s refreshingly honest about it?” (Demi Moore, I’m looking at you.)


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