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Concerns From a Fitness Professional

Last month, in Why Fit is the New Thin, I explored how the “fitspiration” phenomenon can be uncomfortably reminiscent of the “thinspiration” phenomenon. They aren’t entirely identical; thinspiration is pretty much always about collecting pictures that glorify an unhealthy and unattainable standard of beauty (skinny). Fitspiration can be about motivating and empowering yourself to try rock climbing, do a handstand, run a marathon or reach some other kick-ass physical fitness goal. But it can also be about glorifying an unhealthy and unattainable standard of beauty… and because it all gets dressed up as “fitness,” the unhealthy parts can be a lot harder to pick out. I offered some guidelines that help me separate the “this makes me want to run outside and be sweaty and awesome!” stuff from the “this makes me feel like dog poo if  I can only go to the gym for 35 minutes instead of 45 minutes today.”


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And Now for Something Completely Different (Put Some Reclaimed Wood in Your Kitchen, Yo)

5 Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood In the Kitchen, Cultivate, Virginia Sole-Smith

Today I’m over on the homepage of Cultivate (that’s Williams-Sonoma’s website dedicated to all things kitchen), with a piece about how to use reclaimed wood in your kitchen.

Lots of pretty pictures for your Pinterest-ing needs. With not a trace of fitspiration or thinspiration to mess with your head. Though I’m pretty sure kitchenspiration is also a thing now. And well, guilty as charged.

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Why Fit is the New Thin (And What We Can Do About It)

Trigger warning: In order to write today’s post, I have to use and link to images that are potentially triggering for folks with ED/in recovery/generally struggling with negative body image thought patterns right now. I’m going to be making it crystal clear why I do not endorse these images or want you to apply any of them to yourself — but please tread carefully and skip today’s post if you think this might be sensitive material for you. xo



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Body Image Warrior Week: DeeDee Robinson of Decoding Dress

Body Image Warrior Week via AlreadyPretty

I’ll admit it: In the past, I’ve been a little snooty about fashion blogs. See also: My Pinterest angst. See also: I’m a giant hypocrite on both fronts (because I love fashion blogs and Pinterest). And: I was just plain wrong. DeeDee Robinson, who writes Decoding Dress, would be one of the bloggers who set me straight on that. She posts outfits and she writes about why we wear what we wear. And she is so smart.


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Pinning Things Down

Virginia on Pinterest

Hi, my name is Virginia and I’m addicted to Pinterest. (If you’re already confused, click here to find out what it’s all about.)

My friend Amy got me hooked way back in September 2010. I’m fairly sure it’s the only thing we’ve ever early adopted! Since then, she’s pinned a reasonable 268 items. Meanwhile I’ve pinned 839 things.

Ahem. That total actually went up to 845 pins since I wrote the first draft of this post.


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