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Thinking About Food in Trump’s America

I’m still finding it pretty impossible to concentrate on anything other than the election. To be honest, I woke up on Wednesday morning thinking, “why on earth am I writing a book about learning to eat? It should be about paid family leave! Or rape culture!” Or any of the five million other problems that are about to get even more toxic.

But before my agent and editor get too nervous, let me say that I’m still excited to be writing this book. If we’re going to have a President who refers to women who gain weight as ”eating machines,” then it’s important to keep trying to untangle health and nutrition from misogynistic beauty standards. If we’re going to have a Republican Congress who wants to cut funding for food stamps and decimate school lunch programs, then we also need to understand, more than ever, what it’s like to grow up hungry. The choices we make around food are often our most overt and consistent political statement. Shared meals and food traditions unite our families and cultures, but food is also divisive. Ask any vegetarian — and also ask any overweight person who has had their restaurant order picked apart by “well-meaning” dining companions, or any busy mom who has felt the sanctimonious sneer of liberal judgment after buying her kids a Happy Meal. From where I’m sitting, liberals (myself included) lost this election by not taking the threat of Trump seriously, and worse, by not trying hard enough to understand and address the fears of his supporters, even when we disagree with them.


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Who Makes Less Than $10.10 per Hour? Women.

Just a quick one because I wanted to share this compelling infographic designed by the National Women’s Law Center. Per the email they sent around:

[Last week] Senator Harkin and Representative Miller introduced the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013. This bill would gradually raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, then provide for automatic adjustments linked to changes in the cost of living. The bill would also gradually raise the minimum wage for tipped workers, which has been frozen at just $2.13 per hour for more than 20 years. And let’s not forget President Obama’s words of support for increasing the minimum wage in his most recent State of the Union address. 


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Blog for Fair Pay Day 2011: Why Part-Time Beauty Work Widens the Gender Gap

I’m excited to be participating in my second Blog for Fair Pay Day event (it’s also the theme of our latest Feminist Fashion Bloggers group post).

But, boy am I sad that things aren’t any better than they were when we did this last year. Working women in the United States are still making less than 80 cents for every dollar earned by men. We celebrate (mourn?) Equal Pay Day on April 12 because this is the day when women’s earnings finally catch up to what men earned in 2010. Yeah, that’s a heck of a gap.

So, what does this wage gap look like in the beauty industry? As you can see from this fun Bureau of Labor Department bubble chart, women both earn the least and take home the smallest percentage of male salaries in categories like “wholesale & retail trade,” “leisure & hospitality” and “other services.” Gosh, those sure sound like places I’d categorize jobs like “Sephora cashier,” “salon worker” and “freelance makeup artist.” What’s the deal?  Read more…

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