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[Best of Beauty U] So, You Want to Be (Not Really) a Millionaire

These two posts (yup, I’m combining them into one, stay with me) still kinda break my heart, because I think it was when we started to realize how slim the odds of beauty industry success really are, when you’re starting out at a place like Beauty U. We never saw Simon Scott again, and Meg and I ended up not signing up for the class he was peddling, but we heard all the time from everyone except Mr. G that it was a pretty huge waste of time.

And dude doesn’t tip waiters. I really don’t have anything else to say about that.

Simon Scott, the founder of Scott Consulting, which offers business training for the beauty industry, is a born guest speaker. He makes jokes about his “Austin Powers accent,” wears a shiny pin-stripe suit, and says “hello” whenever he thinks he’s made a particularly great point. He also insists we give a round of applause whenever a student answers a question. Read more…

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The Crackdown Continues. Again.

So, we had Monday night off because it was a Beauty U Staff Development Day, which means tonight, Miss Stacy and Miss Theresa have a long list of new rules and reminders for us:

When you greet a client, always make eye contact.

And smile.

And say your name and their name.

And give them a double handshake, where you tenderly — dare I say, reverently? — cup their one hand in both of your own.

And the biggest deal: Nobody, but nobody, is allowed to know in advance what clients we’ve been assigned, or when they’re coming in.

Stay with me.

Up until tonight, when we arrived at Beauty U, we would clock in, go to the classroom, and look at the night’s appointment book, writ large on the flat screen TV monitor that is hooked up to the main computer. The appointment book program is basically a big Excel sheet with the names of the senior students running along the top and the hours of the day down the side, with each appointment plugged in accordingly.


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Miss Jenny Quits Part 2: The Crackdown Begins

Photo of Grease, "Beauty School Dropout" on Broadway

With Miss Jenny gone, things are starting to change at Beauty U.

“Laundry needs to be put away in the closet, ladies,” Miss Lisa says, gesturing to a pile of four folded bath towels behind the waxing station. The senior students grab from there when they need to make the facial beds on the fly between clients. “It can’t just be left out in stacks all over the spa.”

Later, Miss Stacy snags the red metal Klean Kanteen off my desk in the classroom. “You guys, I don’t want to see this kind of thing anymore,” she says. “Enough with the juice and the coffee and the tea. You are only allowed to drink water in here and it should be in a real water bottle.”


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[Career Opportunities] Rock Stars and Role Models.

Molly Surno Nail Salon Photo

Melissa asks:*

Who are the beauty industry stars that the people in class aspire to be? Is Miss Jenny a role model? Are there big six-figure earners people look up to? Does anyone aspire to a Hollywood-style job as a celebrity or Fashion Week makeup artist? Is getting in with a brand–like being a MAC artist a big thing? Just curious about the aspirations/expectations.

There’s a lot of talk about the potential to earn six figures, but I have yet to meet anyone who graduated from Beauty U and is doing that. A few weeks ago, Mr. G gathered us all in one of the classrooms to show us pictures of a former student with a big rock star because she cuts his hair now (sorry, I’m being coy to help with the whole protecting my sources thing —  by which I mean the student, not the rock star!). She had emailed them over to let him know how well she is doing out in LA and he couldn’t wait to tell us about it. “This is a Beauty U graduate!” He kept saying. “This could be any one of you!”


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Saving My Money


No dice.


The Beauty U student population remains mixed on whether we want to sign up for Scott’s Beauty Business Sense, even after Mr. G’s infomercial and Simon Scott’s six-figure promises. Of course, I’m curious about what we’ll learn in the program, and I applaud Mr. G’s attempts to upgrade his curriculum and stay cutting edge. He’s got 200 students to help employ, after all. But changing horses mid-semester is an awkward business — and a shade too bait-and-switch for my taste.


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Scott’s Beauty Business Sense

My 600-hour adventure in esthetics school. Click here to read about the project, or catch up with Weeks 1-5.

Tonight we’re summoned over to the cosmetology classroom to find out exactly what Simon Scott was up to the other night when he promised that we could earn $100,000 a year — if only we had the necessary business skills. Turns out:

Starting in January, Beauty U will be offering the 16-week Scott Beauty Business Sense Program to all Beauty U students. We’ll tackle it 90 minutes at a time on Wednesday nights, in between working on clients and studying the rest of the Beauty U curriculum. All we have to do is sign up by the end of the week and agree to pay $100 for the Scott’s Beauty Business Sense textbook.


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