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We Ate Ice Cream for Dinner Last Night

It was one of those Wednesdays. My older daughter had a doctor’s appointment right after school and then we were racing to sneak in a haircut before dinner. The baby was along for the ride; my husband was commuting back from the city. As we left the hair salon, the baby started wailing and my 4-year-old started whining and I realized it was after 5 pm and I had made no plans to feed them.

So I drove to the ice cream store.

And this was dinner: A scoop of mint chip for me. A scoop of chocolate with rainbow sprinkles for the preschooler. A half scoop of vanilla for the 8 month old. We sat on the front porch of our town’s beloved ice cream spot and watched tug boats gliding along the Hudson River. Hands and faces were sticky. Tummies were full. I’m not sure why they’re so somber that picture, because they were, in fact, so happy.


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[Never Say Diet] We Should All Go Out For Ice Cream

Virginia Sole-Smith iVillage Never Say Diet Diet Food Gets Bigger

Is the very nuanced and astute conclusion that I came away with after writing this post over on Never Say Diet about the new trend of low-calorie/big portion diet food.

Oh and also, apologies to all you local/organic/farm-to-table/get-back-to-the-kitchen food-istas out there, because I also land in defense of processed food. Sometimes that stuff is just awesome.

(Feel free to now send your hate mail directly to my vegetable garden. A girl can have layers.)

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