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Pretty Price Check (Shoe Edition)

The average woman owns $660 worth of shoes that she never wears, reports Jezebel. That’s 11 pairs out of an average of 20 total.

I’ve talked before about my own shoe issues, plus it’s spring closet-cleaning time, so I went and did the math on my collection. Read more…

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[Six Items or Less] All of My Outfits Look Better with Shoes

Which is a problem, because when I’m home (and I’m usually home), I don’t wear shoes. (Blah, blah, environment/cleanliness/not wanting to track motor oil/dog poop/general street filth all over the place… don’t worry, I realized it’s rude to ask guests to take their shoes off after about the second month of that. People get very nervous about the state of their socks.)

I do wear some incredibly stylish (that’s irony) slippers. I don’t think they’re helping matters. This morning I got dressed in my navy tunic-y dress, black leggings (which are not part of my six because they’re really yoga pants, yesimcheatingagain), black and tan polka dot knee socks, said slippers, and my super cozy, light blue house sweater, which is one of those long calf-length sweater coats from back when we wore long calf-length sweater coats (hi, 2002!) that has since been drafted into bathrobe duty.

“Well now we have a template,” said Dan. “For what you’ll dress like if you ever go crazy.” Read more…

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    The Eating Insinct: Food Culture, Body Image, and Guilt in America by Virginia Sole Smith

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