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Body Image Warrior Week: Caitlin Constantine of Fit & Feminist

Body Image Warrior Week via AlreadyPretty

I discovered Caitlin Constantine of Fit and Feminist via Monday’s Body Image Warrior Autumn, (see how this blogging community thing works? love!) and was immediately hooked because Caitlin’s take on all things body is, in fact, fit and feminist. That might sound simple but it so isn’t. In many ways, “fit” has become the new “skinny,” as in, yet another unachievable beauty ideal. Caitlin has no interest in that. She’s all about fitness as a way to realize your own personal power — which means recognizing when those beauty standards are getting in the way. (See this awesome post on why the scale is our new glass ceiling for the case in point.) 


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Standing With Planned Parenthood

As you’ve probably heard, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation decided to yank their funding (hundreds of thousands of grant dollars) for breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood clinics around the country. The official line is that Komen can’t support an organization being investigated by Congress — but considering that the only people in Congress who care about investigating Planned Parenthood are anti-choice lawmakers who have sought to end all federal support of the group — some of us aren’t smelling that cheese.

Reports Kate Sheppard for Mother Jones:

Komen has been under pressure from anti-abortion groups to drop its funding for Planned Parenthood, which received $680,000 from the anti-cancer group in 2011. Most recently, abortion foes forced a Christian publisher to stop printing pink Komen bibles and pressured bookstores to take them off shelves. Groups have also called on supporters to boycott Komen entirely, and decried the group as a “lie from the pit of Hell.” [...] pressure to end the Planned Parenthood funding may have also come from within Komen itself. Karen Handel was named senior vice president at Komen in April 2011, and is now “leading the organization’s federal and state advocacy efforts.” But before joining Komen, she was a candidate in the Republican gubernatorial primary in Georgia, and was critical of Planned Parenthood.

So. Fishy.


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