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Girl Model: Scouted

Girl Model

Regular readers, forgive me: I know I’ve already told you about why you need to see the documentary Girl Model (like when I said that here and also here). But New York-area readers, attention: The film is currently playing at the IFC Center through next Thursday, so you should totally go. It’s provocative, heart-breaking and beautifully made, and if you don’t believe me, go read this lovely post by Kate on Eat The Damn Cake.


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Body Image Warrior Week: Kate Fridkis of Eat The Damn Cake

Body Image Warrior Week via AlreadyPretty

Happy Friday! It’s the last day of Body Image Warrior Week, so I’ll be bringing you the last three posts throughout the day. I hope you’re enjoying this onslaught of body image goodness. As much as I appreciate y’all stopping by to hear me yammer on (and I’ll be yammering on later on today!), it’s been so fantastic to have all of these other amazing writers guest posting and thought-provoking all week long. 

First up today is my girl Kate of Eat the Damn Cake. Kate was one of my first blogger friends and she’s visited us round these parts before. (Oh and on Never Say Diet, too!) So she really needs no introduction. She’s just awesome.  


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The Georgia Billboard Project Reached Its Goal!

Another quick one. Sorry guys, Horace was back in town for most of last week, though I think he finally packed his bags today. But even with his nonsense, I couldn’t wait to get online and thank all of you who donated a Solidarity Dollar (or more!) to the Billboard Project.

Because Ragen reports: “Exactly a week and a day after we started the Georgia Billboard campaign we have 1010 donors and $21,721.20. Enough to launch a good campaign in Atlanta.”


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What Do Women (and Men) Want From Work?

More Magazine Great Careers 2011 Virginia Sole-Smith

Yesterday I brought you up to speed on some of my recent writings, but I saved this one for its very own post because it’s a bit more of a thinker. 10 Great Careers for Women Who Want a Life is online now and ran in the November issue of More Magazine.

As part of our research for this story, the More editors commissioned a survey of 500 professionally employed women (aged 35 to 60 with at least a college degree, and annual household incomes starting at $60,000 to $75,000) to find out what women want out of careers today —  and the results were pretty surprising. In a word: Flexibility, which 92 percent of women say is important in a job (second only to salary) — up from 73 percent in 2009. 43 percent of survey participants also said that they are less ambitious now than they were ten years ago; 73 percent said they don’t want their boss’s job.


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[Never Say Diet] Let (Everyone) Eat Cake!

Today on Never Say Diet, I’m interviewing the always awesome Kate of Eat The Damn Cake about her new project. (Hint: That’s part of it, up there.) We chatted about cake until both of us were really hungry. Thank goodness I had some of my mom’s homemade mocha cheesecake in the fridge. (It’s the very best in the whole world, in case you were wondering.)

PS. Don’t forget, you also loved Kate when she did this guest post for us.

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Pretty Price Check (10.22.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

NOW Love Your Body Day winning poster

  • 10 million American women and girls suffer from anorexia and bulimia.
  • 25 million more suffer from binge-eating disorder.
  • Over 80 percent of 4th grade girls have been on a fad diet.
  • 35 percent of dieters will progress to pathological dieting or eating disorders.
  • Oh, and also: 95 percent of diets fail. (All via NOW’S Love Your Body Campaign.)

Those numbers aren’t new. You’ve heard them before, here and in a million other places, and I’m even betting your eyes glazed over a bit as you read that list. But I thought we’d kick Friday off with that price reality check precisely because of how very not new those numbers are. Read more…

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No Makeup Days

No Make-Up Week

As I mentioned yesterday, No More Dirty Looks is hosting a No Makeup Challenge this week. Turns out it’s part of a whole big No Makeup Week originated by Rabbit Write here in blogland, so obviously, I had to get in on that action. (Hi fellow bloggers! Thanks for letting me play!)

What’s funny is that, before Beauty U, this would have been so not a thing for me. Read more…

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[Guest Post] On (Not) Being Transvestite Barbie

photo of transgender barbie

Devoted Beauty Schooled readers know I have a total blog crush on Kate of Eat the Damn Cake. If you don’t know that, you should A) check out her blog, especially the Cake Gallery and B) check out this great post she did for me awhile ago.

But come right on back here, because in lieu of our usual Pretty Price Checking (suspended due to me being off the grid somewhere and thus out of touch on anything Price Check related — update me on what I missed in the comments?), we’ve got Kate guest posting!

And I love this post first because it enabled me to do a Google search on the phrase “Transvestite Barbie” and find you the amazingness featured above. And second because I think a lot of us can relate to Kate’s struggle to look like herself and yet also beautiful in that Big Life Moment special occasion kinda way. It’s really the same struggle we go through daily (look like ourselves, yet also like some approximation of Pretty, whether that was defined by TV, the beauty industry, your women’s studies class, your mom, whatever). But with lots of extra wedding day pressure.

So here’s Kate. She’s handling it all swimmingly.

The salesman in the formal wear department asked me who designed my gown. I couldn’t remember. We were shopping for my mother’s dress for my wedding. She found a gorgeous one. She asked about hair and makeup. What did he recommend? He looked at me. “Well, where is your daughter going?”

I shook my head slowly. “Um,” I said. “I don’t know.” Read more…

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What Men Think About Your Body. (Otherwise Known as The Most Women’s Magazine Coverline-Worthy Post Title I’ve Ever Written.)

Oh hello, and thanks for stopping by. Now, continuing yesterday’s theme of borrowing shamelessly from bloggers doing better work than me this week (because it’s still too hot for coherent thought and I’m on a Beauty U break), why don’t you head over to the always fabulous Eat the Damn Cake, where Kate has a great piece up called “All Men Are Pigs, and Other Popular Myths.” My favorite part:

And for all the emphasis placed on being attractive for men, the guys I know seem to find women beautiful. Not a particular type of women with exact measurements and a certain hair length and perfectly straight teeth. But most women. It’s still kind of a secret. Men are supposed to like women who look a certain way, and women are supposed to try really, really hard to look that way. And of course, there are plenty of guys who valiantly strive to live up to the expectations of bad movies and pop psychology and who seek those women out in bars and on dating sites and at parties, ignoring the girls standing next to them who are a little heavier, or who have slightly crooked teeth. But for the most part, it seems to me that people like other people. And they don’t mind being surprised by someone they didn’t expect to be attracted to, or someone who doesn’t fit whatever standard people are trying to fit, but who has their own, fantastic charm.


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Pretty Price Check (05.28.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

Photo of Cassie Smith, Hooters Waitress told to lose weight

  • 132 lbs: The weight of this (5’8″) Hooters waitress, who was given a 30-day gym membership and told to drop some pounds by Hooters management. Of course, enforcing weight loss among your employees is pretty questionable no matter what their size but I include her stats for the shock value. If you weren’t already boycotting Hooters on principle, please, let’s start that now. (Via Lemondrop; above photo from same.)


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