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Heavy & Healthy [Marie Claire, August 2014]

Getting back to my roots here, with a new feature for the August issue of Marie Claire that asks: Can you be heavy and healthy?

Longtime blog readers know that my gut response on this would be yes — but it turns out there is a decent amount of science to support that idea. Of course this is a pretty controversial claim, so let’s go over some ground rules right now:

  • No, I am not saying that every overweight person is healthy (or vice versa).
  • No, I am not saying that every thin person is unhealthy (or vice versa).

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Fitspiration and Southern Fried Fitness

Virginia Sole-Smith, Robin Shea Southern Fried Fitness

Guys, I did the most fun radio interview this week, with Robin Shea, host of Southern Fried Fitness, a TV show and internet radio program on wsRadio.

You can read what Robin is all about in the screen grab above — and guess why I liked her immediately (hint: Fried things are delicious.) Robin wanted to discuss this post I wrote back in March, about the troubles with fitspiration. In case you forgot —  Fitspiration or fitspo is a term for all the sweaty hard body images currently bouncing around Pinterest, Facebook and the like, accompanied by:


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Human Bodies: Living Fabulous, Not One Size Fits All

Yes, chickens, today I am showing you a video of Shaquille O’Neal’s appearance on The Daily Show from Monday night. You don’t have to watch the whole thing. It’s funny because John Stewart interviewing weird celebrities is always better than John Stewart asking very thoughtful questions of smart celebrities (see: anyone remotely affiliated with any government or Bono). And because Shaq describes himself as “living fabulous” and is getting a PhD. Well, alrighty then!


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[Never Say Diet] In Which My Marriage is a Body Mass Index-Based Sham

iVIllage Never Say Diet Virginia Sole-Smith Thinner Wife, Happier Marriage?

Because Dan and I don’t look like the above-pictured couple when we sit on bar stools. Ergo, science says we’re doomed.

“[Our difference in BMI] is destroying our marriage in the same way that the threat of nation-wide homosexual marriage equality is, i.e., not in any way,” is what Dan first said when I asked him to comment in this piece. Then we worried it was too political for iVillage. But not for you, dear Beauty Schoolers!

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[Never Say Diet] Skinny People Just Got Fatter.

At least, according to the FDA’s new guidelines about who qualifies for Lap-Band surgery. (Hint: If you’re 5’4″ and 175 pounds… you’re close!)

So that’s what I’m talking about on Never Say Diet today. Head on over and chime in!

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