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A New Little Blog Thing

In the name of ruthless efficiency, I have decided to sync my professional Instagram feed with this here blog.

The back story, for those of you who are less tech-savvy (in other words, you are just like me): I’ve been using Instagram for several years now and it is my hands-down favorite of all the social media platforms. It started as an app for sharing photos — but I’ve been finding that it really functions as a kind of micro-blogging site, because you can type captions that are not limited to 140 characters and run them with pretty pictures. I now keep two Instagram feeds: One for friends and family only (so please don’t be offended if I don’t approve a follow request there; it’s mostly kid pictures and we keep it private), and one for the whole wide world, where I post about my work life, things I’m reading, things I’m writing, plus some general out and about doings. (A kid picture may even occasionally slip on through — she is darn cute, after all.)


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