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[Never Say Diet] The 2011 Diet Hall of Shame

We’re only one week into 2012 and I’ve already lost count of all the weight loss and beauty makeover-related press releases in my inbox. I could be doing a massive Fun With Press Releases series for y’all, but honestly? I’m not even finding the fun. I’m just finding it all a bit sad and exhausting.

What has been fun: Looking back over 2011 to pick my 12 nominees for the Diet Hall of Shame over on Never Say Diet. (This post obviously went live on New Year’s Eve — sorry that I’m just now telling you about it! Let’s put prompter posting on my resolution list, shall we?) Oh, Beef Fat Lady, AskMen.com A**holes, and Kelly Osbourne… what a weird and wacky year it was.


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[Never Say Diet] Don’t Inject Beef Fat Into Your Face

Never Say Diet iVillage Virginia Sole-Smith Beef Fat Lady

Honestly. I leave you people alone for two weeks and this is what I come back to?

Except, of course, it’s not really about Beef Fat Lady at all. So no getting distracted now and hating the player instead of the game. And in it may seem ironic but stay with me news, I also have a guest post up over on the Daily Glow’s Beauty Buzz blog on Why Beauty Makes Us Happy. Because — especially in a perfect world where nobody feels pressured to inject kitchen waste into their pores — it really can. And frankly, it should do that even here in the very much imperfect world.


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