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Pinning Things Down

Virginia on Pinterest

Hi, my name is Virginia and I’m addicted to Pinterest. (If you’re already confused, click here to find out what it’s all about.)

My friend Amy got me hooked way back in September 2010. I’m fairly sure it’s the only thing we’ve ever early adopted! Since then, she’s pinned a reasonable 268 items. Meanwhile I’ve pinned 839 things.

Ahem. That total actually went up to 845 pins since I wrote the first draft of this post.


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Wanna See Where I Live? (Beauty Schooled in ReadyMade!)

But not in a creepy stalker way? Then you should get the new issue of ReadyMade, because me and my house (and my husband, Dan!) are totally in it.

ReadyMade Virginia Sole-Smith Dan Upham First Time Homeowners

My friend Amy (who is the RM deputy editor) brainstormed this fun package called “First Time’s A Charm” about first-time homeowners. And she asked me to write about why you should put a big hole in your wall the second you buy your first house. Because we did that.


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Pretty Price Check (01.07.11)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of what we paid for beauty last week.

Amy Palanjian Homemade Makeup on Better TV

Well look at that! It’s a screen grab (because I can’t figure out how to bring the video over) of my best friend Amy Palanjian (deputy editor of ReadyMade Magazine, wearer of my purple dress) demonstrating how to make your own makeup over on Better.tv. I am especially excited about the beet root lip gloss, which, btw, she learned from our pals, the No More Dirty Looks ladies, who recently shared their DIY tips in the mag.

So go watch the video and learn stuff. (Maybe 2011 will be year I get over my DIY Beauty Product Fear… ) Then come on back, because we’ve got LOTS to Price Check today: Read more…

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Beauty Schooled and No More Dirty Looks on Lemondrop!

Oh, hey, check it out. It’s a fun Q&A that I did with Alexandra and Siobhan, live now over on Lemondrop. You should read it. And then hurry, go turn on your TV because it’s almost time for the 8 AM hour of the Today Show, when Alexandra and Siobhan will be on with phthalates researcher Shanna Swann, PhD. That’s my girls!

PS. While I’m pimping out my friends’ media appearances, you should totally also listen to one Amy Palanjian, ReadyMade‘s deputy editor and Things We Make blogger, tell you what to do with all those leaves in your yard on NPR’s Marketplace. OK, it’s not beauty, but we can have layers, right? Like, ahem, this lovely story I wrote for their latest issue?


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