• Parentspic

    Direct Sales: The Truth About Selling From Home

    Parents // July, 2016

    You've seen your friends' posts pitching products, and maybe you've thought about joining someone's "team" to earn money. Before you do, read this.

  • Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.24.51 PM

    The Caregiver’s Guide to Good Health (Download PDF)

    Real Simple // February, 2016

    Nearly 24 million American women provide care for another person. If you’re among them, here’s how to help your loved one—and yourself.

  • Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.25.06 AM

    Women Working Wonders (Download PDF)

    More // July/August 2015

    Intractable problems. Impossible situations. Giant barriers facing kids around the world. These five crusaders refuse to stand by and do nothing. (Guest-Edited by Michelle Obama)

  • MORE1114Passion

    Find Your Passion & Use It! (Download PDF)

    More // November, 2014

    Imagine the joy of doing what you love not just as a weekend pleasure but as a life's work for which you are widely recognized. Meet five women who turn inspiration into art every day.

  • Times Magazine, "The Last Mermaid Show" by Virginia Sole-Smith

    The Last Mermaid Show (Download PDF)

    New York Times Magazine // July 7, 2013

    At a venerable roadside attraction in the shadow of Disney World, an endangered species is practicing the old secrets of the deep.

  • Harpers "The Pink Pyramid: Paying to Play in Mary Kay" by Virginia Sole-Smith, August 2012

    The Pink Pyramid

    Harpers // August, 2012

    Paying to play in Mary Kay.

  • Virginia Sole-Smith "Start Your Own Business?" (Redbook, July 2012) thumbnail

    What Would You Risk to Start Your Own Business? (Download PDF)

    Redbook // July, 2012

    The number of women-run companies in the United States has jumped 25 percent since 2002. The women you’re about to meet are headed for mega-success, but they don’t sugarcoat what it took to get there.

  • More: "10 Great Jobs" by Virginia Sole-Smith, November 2011

    10 Great Careers for Women Who Want a Life (Download PDF)

    More // November, 2011

    We crunched the stats and came up with 10 meaningful jobs that offer flexibility, a chance for advancement — and a future.

  • MORE_Step-Down Job_thumbnail

    The Art of the Step-Down Job

    More // 2009

    How to take a job at a lower salary and title — and win.

  • MORE: "Real Life Reinventions" by Virginia Sole-Smith, April 2008

    Real-Life Reinventions (Download PDF)

    More // April, 2008

    A new twist on career coaching helps people get not just the job they want, but the lifestyle they crave.

  • MC_Price of Beauty_Thumbnail

    The Price of Beauty

    Marie Claire // April, 2011

    Deep pore extraction for your facial? A callus mask for your heels? VIrginia Sole-Smith signs up for beauty school and learn how to sell — and dodge — the dreaded sales pitch at the spa.

  • Nylon: "Lesson Plan" by Virginia Sole-Smith, April 2011

    Lesson Plan (Download PDF)

    Nylon // April, 2011

    Virginia Sole-Smith went to beauty school and all she got was this interesting perspective.

  • Slate_Waxing_thumbnail

    My Year in Waxing School

    Slate // November, 2010

    The $1.8 billion business of hair removal is our most intimate and uncomfortable form of beauty labor.

  • More: Got Rich by Virginia Sole-Smith, 2008

    She Got Rich Doing What? (Download PDF)

    More // 2008

    These five women all own companies that bring in major money — but there's not a banker in the bunch. Here's how to turn an oddball business idea into a cash machine.

  • All You "Ailing Economy" by Virginia Sole-Smith, January 2010

    "I Found a New Career in an Ailing Economy" (Download PDF)

    All You // January, 2010

    Meet three women who, when work was scarce, found a way not only to survive — but to thrive.

  • The Progressive: "Mexico's Squid Sweatshops" by Virginia Sole-Smith, May 2010

    Mexico's Squid Sweatshops (Download PDF)

    The Progressive // May, 2010

    Much of the squid sold in the USA was processed in horrendous conditions in Mexico. (Research supported by The Investigative Fund.)