• Pregnancy Parents 2018

    Can You Ace Your Pregnancy? (Download PDF)

    Parents // April, 2018

    With my first pregnancy, I did everything right, but I still couldn’t protect my little girl. Here’s how I learned to embrace the imperfect.

  • violet

    It Cost $2.5 Million to Keep My Child Alive

    Slate // January, 2017

    We’re fortunate that our insurance paid for most of it. But if Republicans remake the health care system, kids like her may not be so lucky.

  • Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 8.24.44 PM

    What Happens When Your Body Image Nightmare Comes True

    BuzzFeed // March, 2015

    I’d always been self-conscious about my abdomen. When I got endometriosis, everyone else became conscious of it too.

  • PARADE_Heart Essay Print_thumbnail

    Saving The Smallest Hearts (Download PDF)

    Parade // August, 2014

    Virginia Sole-Smith thought her baby was healthy—until a routine doctor’s visit revealed a heart defect so severe it could have been fatal within hours. The screening test every parent needs to know about.

  • PREVENTION_Healing Space_thumbnail

    Breathing Lessons

    Prevention // June, 2014

    When trauma is ongoing, there's no time to get away. Healing has to happen where you can find it.

  • ELLE_Fitness Essay_Thumbnail

    Exercise: Learn to Love It

    Elle // June, 2013

    Fitness-phobe Virginia Sole-Smith discovers the hidden formula.

  • AOL_Tradition Break_thumbnail

    A Break With Tradition

    AOL.com // April, 2010

    My dad didn't give me away at my wedding. When I wrote this essay about it, a lot of AOL users were hopping mad. (Not my dad. He's cool like that.)

  • MC_Price of Beauty_Thumbnail

    The Price of Beauty

    Marie Claire // April, 2011

    Deep pore extraction for your facial? A callus mask for your heels? VIrginia Sole-Smith signs up for beauty school and learn how to sell — and dodge — the dreaded sales pitch at the spa.

  • Nylon: "Lesson Plan" by Virginia Sole-Smith, April 2011

    Lesson Plan (Download PDF)

    Nylon // April, 2011

    Virginia Sole-Smith went to beauty school and all she got was this interesting perspective.

  • Slate_Waxing_thumbnail

    My Year in Waxing School

    Slate // November, 2010

    The $1.8 billion business of hair removal is our most intimate and uncomfortable form of beauty labor.