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    A Lawn That Loves You Back (Download PDF)

    Parents // April, 2017

    Say goodbye to pesticides, herbicides, and other common lawn-care products that are bad for the planet—and your family’s health. Here’s our guide to a kinder, gentler green.

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    Can You Really Detox? (Download PDF)

    SELF // July 2015

    Clean has become the new thin as women obsess about the energy and health boost they feel by getting rid of toxins and fighting inflammation with food. Its popularity is easy to understand — what's hard to know is if any of this is real.

  • PARENTS_Eco Pest Control_thumbnail

    Pest-Proof Your Home, Safely

    Parents // Summer, 2013

    The chemicals you use to get rid of unwanted critters could be harming your family. Try these expert tips to nix pests without endangering anyone's health.

  • Whole Living: 50 Ways to Save Water by Virginia Sole-Smith, April 2012

    50 Ways to Save Water (Download PDF)

    Whole Living // April, 2012

    And yes, you're wasting more of it than you think.

  • Women's Health: Killer Spring by Virginia Sole-Smith, April 2009

    Attack of the Killer Spring! (Download PDF)

    Women's Health // April, 2009

    If you feel like you're sneezing more this season, you're probably right. Thanks to global warming, this could be your stuffiest year yet — and it's getting worse.

  • Whole Living: Skin Pollution by Virginia Sole-Smith, May 2010

    Shield Your Skin (Download PDF)

    Whole Living // May, 2010

    Battle the daily onslaught of sun, ozone, smoke and smog.

  • Real Simple: Go Fish by Virginia Sole-Smith, March 2008

    Go Fish (Download PDF)

    Real Simple // March, 2008

    No more excuses: For every complaint about fish, there's a delicious answer. Plus a handy smart buyer's guide.

  • Fitness: "New Women's Health Threat" by Virginia Sole-Smith, April 2008

    The New Women's Health Threat (Download PDF)

    Fitness // April, 2008

    Huffing and puffing when you exercise? Don't assume you're out of shape. It may be asthma. *Recipient of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology's Samter Journalism Award 2008.

  • BHG_Pedicure safety_thumbnail

    Better Health: Pedicure Pointers (Download PDF)

    Better Homes & Gardens // July, 2011

    When it comes to salon safety, it pays to be on your toes. These five simple tips will ensure happy feet.

  • Family Circle: "Breathe Easy" by Virginia Sole-Smith, August 2009

    Breathe Easy (Download PDF)

    Family Circle // August, 2009

    Thanks to global warming, late summer allergies are getting worse. But there are ways to find relief.

  • Glamour_Green 70_thumbnail

    70 New Reasons to Live Green

    Glamour // April, 2009

    In honor of Earth Day and Glamour's seventhieth anniversary, we've gathered 70 female eco-achievers, plus the latest need to know news. Catch their green-thusiasm!

  • Redbook: Fish Facts by Virginia Sole-Smith, October 2008

    New Facts About Fish (Download PDF)

    Redbook // October, 2008

    Confused about how much fish to eat — and what kind? We've got answers.

  • Good Housekeeping: "Playing With Poison" by Virginia Sole-Smith, September 2007

    Playing With Poison (Download PDF)

    Good Housekeeping // September, 2007

    We've known for decades that lead is toxic. So why is still in kids' trinkets and toys?

  • New York Times: Eco Consumers by Virginia Sole-Smith, November 2007

    Fresh-Faced Eco Consumers (Download PDF)

    New York Times // November, 2007

    “Organic sells, natural sells, but what do those terms even mean?” Ms. Schrode asked. “You have to be much more discerning.”

  • Glamour_Green Qs_thumbnail

    So, Is It Really Bad To...

    Glamour // March, 2007

    Dry clean clothes? Microwave in plastic? Cook in Teflon? Glamour's guide to going green.

  • Better Homes & Gardens "Second Nature" by Virginia Sole-Smith, June 2007

    Second Nature (Download PDF)

    Better Homes & Gardens // June, 2007

    Behind the walls of a green house: The Frantz family may live in a 100-year-old Victorian, but they've modified both house and habits to save energy.

  • Parents: "Staying Safe in a Toxic World" by Virginia Sole-Smith, August 2010

    Staying Safe in a Toxic World (Download PDF)

    Parents // August, 2010

    BPA... Phthalates... You know they can be dangerous, but you may not know how to limit your exposure.

  • Modern Bride: "Danielle Venokur" by Virginia Sole-Smith, 2008

    Danielle Venokur, Green Wedding Guru (Download PDF)

    Modern Bride // May, 2008

    One of Modern Bride's 25 Trendsetters of 2008, known for planning special events that incorporate eco-awareness in a fun, modern way.

  • Runner's World: Market Savvy by Virginia Sole-Smith, 2006

    Market Savvy (Download PDF)

    Runner's World // June, 2006

    Boost nutrients and the flavor of your meals with a trip to the farm stand.

  • Organic Beauty: Makeup Hazards by Virginia Sole-Smith, 2009

    Is Your Makeup Hazardous to Your Health? (Download PDF)

    Organic Beauty // 2009

    Lead in your lipstick? Tiny powder particles lodged in your lungs? Mercury in your mascara?

  • The Nation_Nail Salons_thumbnail

    The High Price of Beauty

    The Nation // October, 2007

    Cheap beauty products are making Americans sick. How an epidemic is plaguing poorly paid workers at nail salons – while the FDA does nothing. (Research supported by The Investigative Fund.)

  • Good Housekeeping: Arsenic in Your Deck, by Virginia Sole-Smith, March 2007

    The Hidden Danger in Your Deck (Download PDF)

    Good Housekeeping // March, 2007

    Millions of American homes have decks treated with arsenic to prevent rot. But that poison can make you very sick.

  • Family Circle: "Energy Efficient Home" by Virginia Sole-Smith, 2006

    Make Your Home More Energy Efficient (Download PDF)

    Family Circle // 2006

    A few simple changes could save you up to $1,000 per year.

  • New York Times: "Nature on the Threshold" by VIrginia Sole-Smith, September 2006

    Nature on the Threshold

    New York Times // September 7, 2006

    Biophilic design incorporates natural elements in an effort to promote well-being. It is a quirky, lesser-known cousin of green design.

  • OS: Water Quality Virginia Sole-Smith September 2004

    Is Your Water Really Safe to Drink? (Download PDF)

    Organic Style // September, 2004

    Organic Style went to the water utilities to compile one of the most extensive, consumer-friendly surveys of drinking water ever. You won't believe what we found.

  • Family Circle: "Safe To Eat?" by Virginia Sole-Smith, 2006

    Is That Safe to Eat? (Download PDF)

    Family Circle // 2006

    Whether you're worried about antibiotics in chicken or pesticides on produce, we've got simple strategies that guarantee safer meals for your family.

  • Fit Pregnancy: "Safer NICU" by Virginia Sole-Smith, June 2006

    Making the NICU Safer (Download PDF)

    Fit Pregnancy // June, 2006

    If your newborn is in the neonatal intensive-care unit, certain medical devices there may expose him to a hazardous chemical called DEHP.