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    What Happens When Your Body Image Nightmare Comes True

    BuzzFeed // March, 2015

    I’d always been self-conscious about my abdomen. When I got endometriosis, everyone else became conscious of it too.

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    Pleasure In A Pill? (Download PDF)

    Marie Claire // December, 2014

    Fourteen million American women struggle with a low sex drive, yet the FDA hasn’t approved any medications to help them. But is women’s sexuality just too complicated for a pill?

  • Marie Claire, August 2014, "Can You Be Heavy and Healthy?" By Virginia Sole-Smith

    Can You Be Heavy And Healthy? (Download PDF)

    Marie Claire // August, 2014

    Are BMI charts a load of BS? New research shows that good health may have nothing to do with your body mass index.

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    Can You Freeze the Aging Process?

    Details // March, 2014

    Imagine having wrinkle-free skin and a full head of hair in 30, nay, 50 years. Biotech firms claim that with new stem-cell technology, the idea isn't science fiction.

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    Exercise: Learn to Love It

    Elle // June, 2013

    Fitness-phobe Virginia Sole-Smith discovers the hidden formula.

  • Prevention: "Younger Looking Skin?" by Virginia Sole-Smith, November 2011

    Younger Looking Skin From the Inside Out? (Download PDF)

    Prevention // November, 2011

    What if your skin could stay young forever? Beauty industry scientists claim to be making this dream a reality.

  • More: Exercise Motivation by Virginia Sole-Smith, September 2008

    The One Exercise Motivation That Really Works (Download PDF)

    More // September, 2008

    Michelle Segar, PhD reveals surprising ways we sabotage workout goals — and our sense of self.

  • O: The Oprah Magazine "The Age Defiers" by VIrginia Sole-Smith, May 2011

    The Age Defiers (Download PDF)

    O: The Oprah Magazine // May, 2011

    Think you're too old to wear a miniskirt? To young to pull off gray hair? These five women prove there's a right way to break any fashion rule.

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    The Price of Beauty

    Marie Claire // April, 2011

    Deep pore extraction for your facial? A callus mask for your heels? VIrginia Sole-Smith signs up for beauty school and learn how to sell — and dodge — the dreaded sales pitch at the spa.

  • Nylon: "Lesson Plan" by Virginia Sole-Smith, April 2011

    Lesson Plan (Download PDF)

    Nylon // April, 2011

    Virginia Sole-Smith went to beauty school and all she got was this interesting perspective.

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    My Year in Waxing School

    Slate // November, 2010

    The $1.8 billion business of hair removal is our most intimate and uncomfortable form of beauty labor.

  • Women's Health Diet Drugs by Virginia Sole-Smith

    Skinny Little Pills (Download PDF)

    Women's Health // 2008

    There are more pound-melting potions on drugstore shelves than ever before. Are they really all that bad? You bet.