• Trust Issues

    The People Who Are Afraid of Food

    Medium // June, 2018

    Our newest eating disorders feed off our cultural obsession with healthy diets.

  • Pregnancy Parents 2018

    Can You Ace Your Pregnancy? (Download PDF)

    Parents // April, 2018

    With my first pregnancy, I did everything right, but I still couldn’t protect my little girl. Here’s how I learned to embrace the imperfect.

  • Choices Fitspo 2018

    10 Truth Bombs About #Fitspo (Download PDF)

    CHOICES // January, 2018

    The buff bods filling your social feed might seem like healthy motivation, but you may be shocked by how staged they can be.

  • food

    Stop Beating Yourself Up About Food (Download PDF)

    Health // October, 2017

    Still beating yourself up about that third slice of pizza? Get over it. Letting go of food guilt and eating what you want is the healthiest food move you can make.

  • Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 8.24.44 PM

    What Happens When Your Body Image Nightmare Comes True

    BuzzFeed // March, 2015

    I’d always been self-conscious about my abdomen. When I got endometriosis, everyone else became conscious of it too.

  • femaleviagra copy

    Pleasure In A Pill? (Download PDF)

    Marie Claire // December, 2014

    Fourteen million American women struggle with a low sex drive, yet the FDA hasn’t approved any medications to help them. But is women’s sexuality just too complicated for a pill?

  • Marie Claire, August 2014, "Can You Be Heavy and Healthy?" By Virginia Sole-Smith

    Can You Be Heavy And Healthy? (Download PDF)

    Marie Claire // August, 2014

    Are BMI charts a load of BS? New research shows that good health may have nothing to do with your body mass index.

  • Watch

    Can You Freeze the Aging Process?

    Details // March, 2014

    Imagine having wrinkle-free skin and a full head of hair in 30, nay, 50 years. Biotech firms claim that with new stem-cell technology, the idea isn't science fiction.

  • ELLE_Fitness Essay_Thumbnail

    Exercise: Learn to Love It

    Elle // June, 2013

    Fitness-phobe Virginia Sole-Smith discovers the hidden formula.

  • Prevention: "Younger Looking Skin?" by Virginia Sole-Smith, November 2011

    Younger Looking Skin From the Inside Out? (Download PDF)

    Prevention // November, 2011

    What if your skin could stay young forever? Beauty industry scientists claim to be making this dream a reality.

  • More: Exercise Motivation by Virginia Sole-Smith, September 2008

    The One Exercise Motivation That Really Works (Download PDF)

    More // September, 2008

    Michelle Segar, PhD reveals surprising ways we sabotage workout goals — and our sense of self.

  • O: The Oprah Magazine "The Age Defiers" by VIrginia Sole-Smith, May 2011

    The Age Defiers (Download PDF)

    O: The Oprah Magazine // May, 2011

    Think you're too old to wear a miniskirt? To young to pull off gray hair? These five women prove there's a right way to break any fashion rule.

  • MC_Price of Beauty_Thumbnail

    The Price of Beauty

    Marie Claire // April, 2011

    Deep pore extraction for your facial? A callus mask for your heels? VIrginia Sole-Smith signs up for beauty school and learn how to sell — and dodge — the dreaded sales pitch at the spa.

  • Nylon: "Lesson Plan" by Virginia Sole-Smith, April 2011

    Lesson Plan (Download PDF)

    Nylon // April, 2011

    Virginia Sole-Smith went to beauty school and all she got was this interesting perspective.

  • Slate_Waxing_thumbnail

    My Year in Waxing School

    Slate // November, 2010

    The $1.8 billion business of hair removal is our most intimate and uncomfortable form of beauty labor.

  • Women's Health Diet Drugs by Virginia Sole-Smith

    Skinny Little Pills (Download PDF)

    Women's Health // 2008

    There are more pound-melting potions on drugstore shelves than ever before. Are they really all that bad? You bet.