• Parents Vaccines 2018

    The Horrifying Consequences of the Anti-Vaccine Movement

    Parents // March, 2018

    These parents never imagined their child would catch a life-threatening disease. But just because the illnesses are rare doesn’t mean they’re not a tragic reality.

  • Redbook OTC Addiction 2017

    Addiction, Over The Counter (Download PDF)

    Redbook // November, 2017

    For many women, there’s nothing a quick stop at the drugstore can’t fix.

  • violet

    It Cost $2.5 Million to Keep My Child Alive

    Slate // January, 2017

    We’re fortunate that our insurance paid for most of it. But if Republicans remake the health care system, kids like her may not be so lucky.

  • Parentspic

    Direct Sales: The Truth About Selling From Home

    Parents // July, 2016

    You've seen your friends' posts pitching products, and maybe you've thought about joining someone's "team" to earn money. Before you do, read this.

  • RSpic

    This Child Can't Speak... But He Still Says So Much

    Real Simple // July, 2016

    He lives with his 
folks in Massachusetts. 
He has a form of 
autism that leaves him 
unable to speak. 
But he has many ways to communicate—and he says plenty.

  • slate

    “Leo Would Not Have Died That Day If He Had Been With Me”

    Slate // May, 2016

    Paid family leave doesn’t just support gender equity in the workplace. It may also prevent babies’ deaths.

  • van

    Consider the Cable Guy

    Slate // April, 2016

    Comcast and others are using more contract workers to install their services. That means brutal hours, low wages, and an app that schedules every moment of their days.

  • Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 7.26.03 AM

    What Will it Take to Save Women from Cancer? (Download PDF)

    Redbook // March, 2016

    There are women across this country suffering—and, yes, dying—from cancers that people don’t like to talk about and that doctors have a hard time diagnosing and treating. Does that sound like a world we should be living in? Here’s what you need to know to help them, and yourself.

  • minwage
  • Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 7.11.15 AM

    Getting Jobbed

    Harpers // October, 2015

    The real face of welfare reform.

  • Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.25.06 AM

    Women Working Wonders (Download PDF)

    More // July/August 2015

    Intractable problems. Impossible situations. Giant barriers facing kids around the world. These five crusaders refuse to stand by and do nothing. (Guest-Edited by Michelle Obama)

  • CampusRapePortfolio

    Legacy of Campus Rape (Download PDF)

    More // February, 2015

    Sexual assault at colleges isn't new. And it's not about young women who binge drink or wear tight clothing. Here, a prominent feminist examines the phenomenon—and survivors of all ages reveal how an attack changed their lives.

  • PARADE_Heart Essay Print_thumbnail

    Saving The Smallest Hearts (Download PDF)

    Parade // August, 2014

    Virginia Sole-Smith thought her baby was healthy—until a routine doctor’s visit revealed a heart defect so severe it could have been fatal within hours. The screening test every parent needs to know about.

  • PARENTS_Giving Season_thumbnail

    The Giving Season

    Parents // December, 2013

    More than 20 percent of U.S. children are living in poverty. We found eight charities helping them that really stand out. This year, why not put what you'd spend on a couple of holiday presents toward one of these worthy causes?

  • Virginia Sole-Smith "Wonder Drug" (ELLE, November 2013) thumbnail

    Wonder Drug (Download PDF)

    Elle // November, 2013

    Birth control pills are prescribed for every female trouble known to, uh, man. While their benefits are undeniable, some are questioning the explosion in their use.

  • Virginia Sole-Smith, "Rethink the Pink Drink" (Marie Claire, November 2013) Thumbnail

    Rethink the Pink Drink (Download PDF)

    Marie Claire // October, 2013

    After a rash of deaths linked to its products, the high-octane beverage industry has gone through a female-friendly makeover. But are these drinks actually safer?

  • Harpers "The Pink Pyramid: Paying to Play in Mary Kay" by Virginia Sole-Smith, August 2012

    The Pink Pyramid

    Harpers // August, 2012

    Paying to play in Mary Kay.

  • Coastal Living Lighthouses August 2012 thumbnail

    Who Owns America's Lighthouses? (Download PDF)

    Coastal Living // August, 2012

    The Coast Guard can't afford to maintain these beloved coastal icons so private citizens are stepping up.

  • Parents: "The Hungry House" by Virginia Sole-Smith, July 2011

    The Hungry House (Download PDF)

    Parents // July, 2011

    Right here in the United States, one in four children don't have enough to eat. The impact this has on their health, their development — their future — is staggering.

  • All You "Forever Connected" January 2011 by Virginia Sole-Smith

    "We Are Connected Forever" (Download PDF)

    All You // January, 2011

    For these extraordinary people, a simple procedure brought hope and healing. Recipient of the National Bone Marrow Donor Program's Excellence in National Media Award 2011.

  • MORE: "Mammogram Debate" by Virginia Sole-Smith, June 2007

    The Latest Mammogram Debate (Download PDF)

    More // June, 2007

    New guidelines say we don't necessarily need yearly checkups till we're 50. Should we follow that advice, or ignore it?

  • AY_Birth Parents_thumbnail

    "I Searched For My Birth Family" (Download PDF)

    All You // March 2009

    Meet three women who sought out the past and found a piece of themselves.

  • Good Housekeeping: "Roller Coaster Roulette" by Virginia Sole-Smith, June 2008

    Roller Coaster Roulette (Download PDF)

    Good Housekeeping // June, 2008

    Who makes sure those theme park rides are safe? Sometimes the answer is: No one. Good Housekeeping's special report.

  • Good Housekeeping: "Playing With Poison" by Virginia Sole-Smith, September 2007

    Playing With Poison (Download PDF)

    Good Housekeeping // September, 2007

    We've known for decades that lead is toxic. So why is still in kids' trinkets and toys?

  • All You "Gift That Saved My Life" by Virginia Sole-Smith, November 2008

    "The Gift that Saved My Life" (Download PDF)

    All You // November, 2008

    Meet four women who share the bond of organ donation.

  • Parents: "Staying Safe in a Toxic World" by Virginia Sole-Smith, August 2010

    Staying Safe in a Toxic World (Download PDF)

    Parents // August, 2010

    BPA... Phthalates... You know they can be dangerous, but you may not know how to limit your exposure.

  • The Nation_Nail Salons_thumbnail

    The High Price of Beauty

    The Nation // October, 2007

    Cheap beauty products are making Americans sick. How an epidemic is plaguing poorly paid workers at nail salons – while the FDA does nothing. (Research supported by The Investigative Fund.)

  • Good Housekeeping: Arsenic in Your Deck, by Virginia Sole-Smith, March 2007

    The Hidden Danger in Your Deck (Download PDF)

    Good Housekeeping // March, 2007

    Millions of American homes have decks treated with arsenic to prevent rot. But that poison can make you very sick.

  • Seventeen: Vote for Them! by Virginia Sole-Smith, 2004

    Election '04: Vote For Them! (Download PDF)

    Seventeen // January, 2004

    Well... they're not running for office. (We wish.) But these young activists offer every reason to exercise your political muscle.

  • Fit Pregnancy: "Safer NICU" by Virginia Sole-Smith, June 2006

    Making the NICU Safer (Download PDF)

    Fit Pregnancy // June, 2006

    If your newborn is in the neonatal intensive-care unit, certain medical devices there may expose him to a hazardous chemical called DEHP.

  • The Progressive: "Mexico's Squid Sweatshops" by Virginia Sole-Smith, May 2010

    Mexico's Squid Sweatshops (Download PDF)

    The Progressive // May, 2010

    Much of the squid sold in the USA was processed in horrendous conditions in Mexico. (Research supported by The Investigative Fund.)