Meet Virginia.

I write about the worlds of women. Much like the women’s magazines in which I’m predominantly published, sometimes these are overtly feminine places: Discount nail salons, Mary Kay parties, and beauty school. They may also be male-dominated worlds, even places where women are essentially imprisoned, like a Mexican sweatshop or college campuses with a problematic history of ignoring rape. And some spaces, like a mermaid grotto, exist mostly in our imagination. I’m interested in how these worlds shape women, in how we can find moments of power underneath frameworks intended to disempower us, and in what we can do to make these spaces better coexist with the world around us.

My work has appeared in more than 50 national magazines, websites, and newspapers including ElleSlateHarper’s and the New York Times Magazine I’ve also co-written several eco-lifestyle and healthy living books. I spent ten years in New York City, and prior to becoming a freelance journalist in 2005, was on the editorial staffs of Organic Style and Seventeen. The Nation Institute’s Investigative Fund and the Economic Hardship Reporting Project have supported several of my projects.

I live in New York’s Hudson Valley with my husband Dan, our daughter Violet, and three cats. I like pasta and wine and projects. You can download my full resume here. For updates about my upcoming book, please subscribe to my newsletter On Eating (And Writing). Or you can find me on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn or Instagram.

Photo by Red Anchor Photo.