Introducing: The Comfort Food Podcast!

Big news, friends! I’ve launched a new podcast, with my best friend (and fellow food-obsessive) Amy Palanjian of the wildly popular blog Yummy Toddler Food.

Comfort Food is about the joys (and meltdowns!) of feeding our families and ourselves. It’s about dealing with picky eaters. It’s about fighting back against diet culture. It’s about food — and that means it’s also about feminism, families and life.

You can listen to our first three episodes right now! Then stay tuned, because we’ll be dropping a new episode every week. So if  you’re already a podcast listener and you don’t want to miss an episode, just subscribe (for free!) in iTunesStitcherGoogle PlayTuneIn Radio, or wherever else you get your podcasts. If you’re new to podcasts, don’t worry. All of the episode links, with more details and links and photos, can be found through our show notes. And we’ll tell you everything you need to know to start listening.


Amy and I are best friends who first bonded over trying to find an actually delicious lunch in midtown Manhattan as young, broke, magazine editors. (The solution was usually Chipotle.) Since then, we’ve taken cooking classes in Tuscany, co-hosted a dozen epic New Year’s Eve dinner parties, and packed about a thousand lunch boxes. We don’t agree on everything food-related: Amy accepts that some desserts don’t involve chocolate; I emphatically do not. But we’re both committed to helping women feel better about how they’re eating and how they’re feeding their kids.


The beauty of podcasts is that you can take them anywhere (since they’re easy to listen to on your phone), and they are a great way to listen, learn, and catch up while you do other things — play with the kids, cook dinner, drive, walk, commute to work, clean the house, etc. They’re also completely FREE.

If you’re new to listening to podcasts or need some help navigating the Apple Podcasts app, we have a detailed tutorial on using the Apple Podcast app up at Not using an iPhone or iPad?

  • On a Computer: Go to our Show Notes page, where you’ll see each episode listed. Click on a title to go to the page for each individual episode. Then you’ll see a little arrow that will allow you to play the episode right then and there! You can also stream our podcast on your desktop via iTunes by following this link and clicking “View in iTunes” under our logo. If you’re on a PC computer that doesn’t have iTunes, you can learn how to install it for free here, or you can try listening from your computer via Google Play.
  • On an Android Phone: Download an app like Stitcher or TuneIn Radio, which work very similarly to Apple Podcast (see above).


We can’t wait to hear your feedback on this exciting new project. If you have a question about food or an idea for something we should cover on an upcoming episode, please drop us a note on And if you’re listening on iTunes or the Apple Podcast app, please take a minute to rate and review us. (Just scroll down till you see a row of stars to tap.) That feedback is so important because it will help other folks find the podcast — and know they aren’t alone when it comes to the messy business of feeding a family and ourselves. We’re all in this together!



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