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50/50. For Real. (Parents Magazine)

As I write this story, my 4-year-old’s preschool has been closed for two days due to a snowstorm. So she’s home on a weekday, along with her baby sister. But I’m squirreled away in our home office, typing furiously, while my husband, Dan (currently on paternity leave), changes diapers, supervises art time, and makes the nap schedule happen. When the roads are finally plowed, he takes the girls to the grocery store to replenish our dwindling supplies from the shared list we sync on our phones. When they’re back, I pop down to do lunch so he can shovel our steps and grab a shower. “Three people told me I was a hero,” he reports of their shopping expedition. We laugh. We both know nobody has ever congratulated me—or any mom—for being with my kids and buying milk at the same time.


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[On Eating and Reading]

Food Reads

There are some excellent food reads out there right now, so a round-up post seemed in order.

The Carnivore Diet is the Latest Fad to Ignore that Food Does More Than Just Feed Us. Oh man, everything about this piece is so great. Especially:

After 13 days of the carnivore diet, I realized that focusing on physiology fails to capture what makes carnivory so extreme. One valuable lesson of the diet is that human bodies are remarkably resilient: You can shit without fiber and avoid scurvy without vegetables! But reducing food to physiology is as shallow as reducing culture to biology. It’s hard to overstate the sociocultural importance of culinary traditions. Breaking bread. “Comfort food.” Grandma’s recipe. PotlatchsWedding toasts. Birthday cake. Thanksgiving dinner. You don’t have to be a foodie for food to be meaningful—you just have to be a human being.

(Alan Levinovitz/Tonic)


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Come Work With Me! (Part-Time Writer’s Assistant Needed)

UPDATE: THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED. (Thanks so much to everyone who applied!) 

I’m hiring again! I last posted this job in 2014 and have been lucky enough to have the same great person with me for the past four years. In fact, Allison is still working with me, but her career has grown wildly and impressively during that time (I can take no credit for that, she’s just that good) so she’s been promoted over here at Virginia Headquarters to podcast producer (I guess I can take a little credit for that part).

So the time has come to send up the flare once again! I need a (very part-time, freelance) assistant who can manage some of my logistics, help with details for my upcoming book launch, do story research, and so on. Here’s the deal.



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Introducing: The Comfort Food Podcast!

Big news, friends! I’ve launched a new podcast, with my best friend (and fellow food-obsessive) Amy Palanjian of the wildly popular blog Yummy Toddler Food.

Comfort Food is about the joys (and meltdowns!) of feeding our families and ourselves. It’s about dealing with picky eaters. It’s about fighting back against diet culture. It’s about food — and that means it’s also about feminism, families and life.

You can listen to our first three episodes right now! Then stay tuned, because we’ll be dropping a new episode every week. So if  you’re already a podcast listener and you don’t want to miss an episode, just subscribe (for free!) in iTunesStitcherGoogle PlayTuneIn Radio, or wherever else you get your podcasts. If you’re new to podcasts, don’t worry. All of the episode links, with more details and links and photos, can be found through our show notes. And we’ll tell you everything you need to know to start listening.


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