The Passion Project [MORE, November 2014]

I have a fun coverlined feature in the November issue of MORE Magazine, which has long been one of my very favorite places to write. (Lots of previous MORE bylines in the career and fitness sections of my portfolio.)

For this story, Find Your Passion & Use it!, I got to spend time with five uber-inspiring women, all of whom are following their bliss, big time — and making a living and creating a life while doing it. Talking with them simultaneously made me want to run away and become a flower artist/wallpaper designer/ceramist/glassblower/surfboard shaper… and also to just keep doing what I’m doing, but better, bigger, happier.

During this past year, when my personal life was as intense as it gets, work has often been a kind of rudder, keeping me sane and helping me remember who I am. (This is not to devolve into a conversation about being a working mom — one thing I adore about MORE is how it always remembers that the women in its pages are well-rounded people, not just mothers, and just as often not mothers, period.) But there have also been times when I’ve felt so creatively stuck, and while that’s currently not the case (I can’t wait to tell you about some of the projects I have coming up!), I’m sure it will be again, because that’s life. And when I’m next feeling stuck and in need of inspiration, I will be turning to this story because these women are all so amazing at keeping their passion for their work alive. So check it out online or in PDF form, and then feel free to discover more about these amazing women here:

And tell me: What’s your passion? Where do you find inspiration for your work?


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