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Look For The Helpers.

I know this has already made the rounds on Facebook, but I think it’s worth sharing here, too.

I don’t have to tell you that the story of Sandy Hook is a tragedy beyond comprehension.

But Sandy Hook is also a story of helpers.

And now it is time for all of us to be helpers, too.

Liza Lang was helping when she wrote “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother,” to show how poorly our country misunderstands, mistreats and ignores people with mental illness.

Mayor Bloomberg and the Campaign of Mayors Against Illegal Guns (and many other activists) are helping by demanding that President Obama and Congress come up with a plan to end gun violence. 


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[The Freelance Life] This Will Either Make Everything Better or Everything Worse

I’m going to interrupt the Business Plan Writing series real quick here, because I want to show you this. Brace yourself. It’s a lot.


I’m posting that as big as Dashboard will let me — if you’re all squinty and can’t read it, click the image and it should get bigger in a new window. (If that doesn’t work, try zooming in your computer screen’s view.)

This, my friends, is the amazing color-coded spreadsheet that runs your entire Freelance Life. Now that you’ve learned how to set your income goals (or are maybe still digesting all of that), I thought it would be helpful if I showed you exactly what tracking those goals all year long looks like.

This spreadsheet is not a requirement. There are many good systems (Quicken, a big wall calendar, an intricate series of emails to yourself… ) but this is the one that I live and die by and have been refining for the past seven years.

So what the hell are you looking at?

Let’s break it down by looking just at Quarter 1: 


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[The Freelance Life] Writing Your Business Plan, Part 2

Writing Your Business Plan, Part 2: Setting Financial Goals #FreelanceLife
Today we’re going to talk about part two of your business plan: Financial Goals. This is where sh*t gets real, people. Break out the calculators! (I am so amused by me talking authoritatively about math, I can’t even tell you. Somewhere, my high school math teacher Mrs. Hayes is having the best day and she doesn’t even know why. It’s because all those hours you spent in after school study help, dragging me through quadratic equations were not a waste, Mrs. Hayes!*)
So let’s break this down.

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