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Those Posts I Meant to Write

Tori of Anytime Yoga (a fellow endo girl, awesome yoga teacher and all around kick-ass person if you’re into that) did this last week and I thought it was pretty genius: She cleared out the Drafts file of her blog by posting a list of all the blog post titles she had come up with, but never got around to writing.

I am so guilty of this, partially because I just don’t have as much time to blog now that it’s a little less intrinsic to my writing day job (than say, when I was going to beauty school and the blog kinda was my day job). And also because I use my blog’s Drafts file to keep tabs on ideas that I think might be bigger than blog posts and should be pitched around to my editors as articles and what not. But sometimes it takes me awhile to decide whether something is a full article, or just a post, or really nothing at all… and anyway, here we are with a drafts folder that is 20 “posts” strong. And that’s after a strenuous round of editing.


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