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Do We Have Secret Fat Envy?


Rebecca DiLiberto (producer/executive editor of The Ricki Lake Show, which my inner ’90s child is randomly a bit excited about although I usually consider myself strictly an Ellen girl) has a post up over on Huffington Post called Why You Can Have Everything You Want (Even Though You’re Fat). 

And at first, I though it was going to be the usual “I finally realized that there’s nothing wrong with being a size 14″ coming of age/finding love tale, which I’m all for (there is nothing wrong with being a size 14) but I get a lot of, if you know what I mean.


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[Reading List] The Drama Years

One of the best parts of my job is that I get sent a lot of amazing books. I also find out about a lot of amazing books that I don’t get sent and just buy myself. Which I’m happy to do because I’m all about supporting my writer peeps, but sometimes leads D. to have thoughts about the state of our Amazon account. Anyway, the point is there are a lot of cool books out there that I read and think “must tell the blog about this!” but then don’t get organized to write the post. I think this is because when I like a book, it’s actually a lot harder to write about it than when I disagree wildly and want to get my argument out there. But that’s sort of unfair to the books I like, right?

Long story short: Enter a new sporadic-but-regular feature called Reading List where I’m going to tell you about books I am reading and really loving. Ideally in some sort of coherent, pithy manner.


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Girl Model: Scouted

Girl Model

Regular readers, forgive me: I know I’ve already told you about why you need to see the documentary Girl Model (like when I said that here and also here). But New York-area readers, attention: The film is currently playing at the IFC Center through next Thursday, so you should totally go. It’s provocative, heart-breaking and beautifully made, and if you don’t believe me, go read this lovely post by Kate on Eat The Damn Cake.


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I just got a press release that promised me “September is the new January!” And while I don’t really understand why we have to replace January, I do adore back-to-school season and that fresh start feeling it implies. (Despite my end-of-summer denial referenced here. What can I say? Like ninjas, I am the ultimate paradox.)

Plus for me, September is especially January-like because it’s the annual anniversary of when I launched my freelance writing life and the start of my personal work year. Yes, this September 2012 marks seven lovely cubicle-free years for VA.


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Who Owns America’s Lighthouses? [Coastal Living, August 2012]

This is a fun one and seems rather apropos for your end-of-summer-enjoyment. Although I’d like to state for the record that I’m blogging this from the back porch because we still have a little summer left so stop rushing me, all you pro-Labor Day/back to school types. We’ll get to your pumpkin lattes and what not soon.

But #endrant — since I’m actually here to tell you about a new article, Who Owns America’s Lighthouses? by moi, coming out in the September 2012 issue of Coastal Living Magazine. I didn’t know, until the CL editors put me on this story, that American lighthouses are in rough shape. At least one-third of our 600-odd collection are no longer active and the Coast Guard can’t afford to keep ‘em up. Enter lighthouse auctions — yep, you can basically buy them on eBay.


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    The Eating Insinct: Food Culture, Body Image, and Guilt in America by Virginia Sole Smith

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