Horace & Co Are Gone!

And I’ve got these delightful get well flowers* plus three cool-if-creepy holes** in my stomach to prove it.

So just a quick check-in to thank you all for the supportive comments and emails before my surgery last week. It was an intense day, followed by a blur of painful/painkiller-filled days. I’m definitely still recovering, but have turned a corner and no longer feel quite so much like death/can brush my teeth and even shower without immediately needing a nap afterwards.

Also, all of you who were so appalled to learn that I hadn’t gotten around to reading the Hunger Games yet: Good news! Read all three in three days and yep, you were right. They definitely go on the list of Brave Books for Girls (Not Princesses).

Also, they made me really grateful for my painkillers, since dude, Katniss gets a lot of injuries in that arena without anything quite so nice as Percocet.

Thanks again, blog friends. I’ll be back soon! xo

*Sent by my lovely friends Kate and Katherine.

**Don’t worry, they are really small. Mostly just bruises now. (Katniss would already be out hunting.)

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One Comment

  1. Posted June 8, 2012 at 6:22 am | Permalink

    Glad to hear all went well. I hope your recovery continues quickly and that you feel better soon!

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