[Never Say Diet] The Low-Carb Thing is Back. (And Now, French!)

Dukan Diet

Oh golly, I am so not excited about this Dukan Diet silliness.

For more on why cutting out entire food groups is exhausting and pointless, check out my article, “Must Have Chocolate” in the latest issue of Fitness Magazine, on newsstands or online over here.

PS. Please forgive the “Control Your Cravings” headline (not to mention the “stay slim” subhead) that they slapped on the interweb version. The story is really about why our brains are scientifically hardwired to crave certain foods and why that gets wacky when food marketers go mad with that power. The upshot being: Don’t restrict food groups (unless you have a clear intolerance/other medical reason to do so) and most of all: Don’t. Blame. Yourself.

But, you know, magazines and headlines. Ahem.

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One Comment

  1. Posted March 22, 2011 at 9:33 pm | Permalink

    Yay for you, carbs, and chocolate. All are great. And diets and oat bran and protein overload pretty much suck.

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