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[Never Say Diet] The Be Nice To Yourself Diet

Is really not a diet at all, and that’s why we can talk about it today over on Never Say Diet.

PS. Does anyone else find it completely obnoxious that book publishers are apparently convinced they can’t possibly sell a book about emotional eating, weight issues, and so on without labeling it a “diet?” Why do they fail to see how that defeats the whole point? Gah.

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[Never Say Diet] Eating Disorders Not Just For Kids Anymore.

Older women and eating disorders

Today on Never Say Diet, I’m talking about why disordered eating patterns continue to pop up in our 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond — and why they’re more likely to go undiagnosed in this age group.

By the way, I am pleased to report that the comment bug seems to be FIXED over on iVillage at long last. You do need to log in to comment, but you can sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account, which is quicker than creating a whole profile over there. And then you can feel very free to weigh in with all of your thoughts, good and bad. I love to hear when readers disagree with my take on an issue, so don’t be shy!


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Beauty Schooled in Nylon! [April 2011 Issue]

Attention everybody! It’s time to race right out and pick up the latest issue of Nylon Magazine because my essay, “Lesson Plan,” appears on page 134.

It features a certain Client Nine who y’all know and love. Plus, can we talk about the amazingness of that illustration (by the uber-talented Malin Bergstrom) based on this infamous picture?

Beauty Schooled in April 2011 issue of Nylon


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[Never Say Diet] The Taco-Eating Beauty Queen

Domonique Ramirez Texas Beauty Queen

Domonique Ramirez got her crown back. I’m craving tacos for lunch. It’s all happen over on Never Say Diet right now.

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Baby Botox and Virgin Waxing

photo of Sad Little Girl Doll by Rinoninha

I mentioned this in the Price Check on Friday — but had to take a little time to mull it over so I could give you a response more coherent than “WTF?!”

Which is pretty much the only appropriate reaction to the news that a British mom named Kerry Campbell (living in San Francisco) gives her eight-year-old daughter Britney Botox injections every three months plus monthly leg, arm, and bikini waxes. Both treatments are intended to stave off physical flaws — those would be wrinkles and body hair, otherwise known as basic functions of your skin — before they start, so Britney can grow up to be a famous pop star. Britney says:

“I feel like a supermodel and if I do ballet or go swimming I don’t have to worry about hairy legs. Although the pain makes me cry, I feel like a cool grown-up when it’s all over.”

In case you haven’t already read the coverage on this, I’m going to give you a minute to have your own WTF moment and process and all that.

We good? Okay then. Read more…

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Friend Friday: Fashion, Feminism and other F Words

Us Feminist Fashion Bloggers are participating in a Fashion Beauty Friend Friday event today. Don’t be scared by all that alliteration! It really just means that I’m going to answer some burning questions about fashion and feminism, and that you should also click over and explore what other awesomely fashionable feminist bloggers have to say about all of this business.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I know I’ve been slacking on the nice-long-chatty-post front here, but it’s Friday, I’ve cleared some big deadlines off my plate, and the sun is shining. So I figured I’d dive in and chat away with you (at you?) for a bit.

Off we go! Read more…

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Pretty Price Check (03.25.11)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of what we paid for beauty last week.

Monster High Clawdeen

  • $16.99: The price tag on this Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Doll (yes, that’s the link so you can fact-check the price, no I’m not subtly suggesting you buy one), whose “Freaky Flaw” is her constantly growing leg hair. Gah. (Via Jezebel)
  • 8 years old: The age of this little girl, whose mother claims to give her monthly Botox treatments and a whole bunch of other not-age-appropriate beauty crap. Like Virgin Waxing. Everyone is understandably losing their minds about this. I’m still forming cohesive thoughts. Stay tuned. PS. BellaSugar thinks it’s all a hoax — I’m praying they’re right.


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[Never Say Diet] Elizabeth Taylor: Beauty Icon, Body Image Role Model?

Elizabeth Taylor

Yes, that’s right, I said body image role model.

Except for the part where she tried to placate Richard Burton’s career-competitiveness by telling him “If I get fat enough, they won’t ask me to do any more films.” Whoops! You were off-base with that one, Liz.

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[Never Say Diet] Shut Up and Be Nice To Yourself

That’s basically the gist of this new study that I’m talking about on Never Say Diet today. Not only is Fat Talk self-destructive (and boring for the rest of us), it actually makes you less likely to do the healthy lifestyle stuff that leads to weight loss. Or just being healthy.

And we want you to be healthy. It’s really what we come here to do.

PS. If you’ve been trying to comment over on iVillage and wondering if you’re technologically challenged: It’s not you! The site has some major comment glitch that is taking awhile to resolve. Fingers crossed we get it sorted out this week. In the meantime, you can always comment here or over on the Never Say Diet Facebook Page. I love hearing from y’all!

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[Never Say Diet] The Low-Carb Thing is Back. (And Now, French!)

Dukan Diet

Oh golly, I am so not excited about this Dukan Diet silliness.

For more on why cutting out entire food groups is exhausting and pointless, check out my article, “Must Have Chocolate” in the latest issue of Fitness Magazine, on newsstands or online over here.


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    The Eating Insinct: Food Culture, Body Image, and Guilt in America by Virginia Sole Smith

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