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[Glossed Over] Method Says It’s Sorry, Please Buy Their Soap.

That creepy Shiny Suds video is history, thanks to (outraged) consumers like you. Good news for feminism? Bad news for environmentalism? It’s not clear what’s happened to Method’s support for the Household Product Labeling Act (sigh) but the company sure needs women to keep buying their eco-friendly cleaners. So nice that it realized rape narratives aren’t so much the way to our brand loyal hearts.

If you haven’t seen the video, those tech-savvy Jezebel chicks still have it (the link from my post vanished — why?) so go give it a watch and let us know if you think Method was right to yank it or not.


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The Official BSP Product Policy.

So, what’s wrong with this picture?

Why yes, those are some delicious eco-friendly product samples, which just arrived from indie beauty line sumbody (tag lines: “Handmade. Pure. Earth-friendly Skin Care for the Eco-Minded Consumer.”)

And they are all packed up in lovely, landfill-clogging, styrofoam peanuts.


This seems like a good time to outline my plan for beauty product coverage here on Beauty Schooled, and I hope I won’t break hearts left and right when I say: You won’t get much in the way of all that.

I’ve been mulling it over the past few days since the above box arrived (Hence the radio silence. Well, that and Thanksgiving — happy belated, by the way!) and this is how things shook out.


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The Makeup Practical

My 600-hour adventure in esthetics school.

Learn more about the project, or catch up with weeks 1, 2 and 3.


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The Matter of Lightening Up

No, it’s not a skin condition or his attempt to woo Twi-hard fans.

Sammy Sosa is stepping up to fill the Michael Jackson void as the latest celeb-of-color to become um, less colorful thanks to skin lightening creams. The Root has a great essay on the cultural ramifications of his progression to pale. And Sammy’s not the only one: NPR is reporting that the skin whitening industry is working hard to expand their male customer base. In fact, trade publication GCI Magazine estimates that sales of male skin-whitening products in India could match the sales of female skin whiteners within five to ten years.


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[Glossed Over] People Against Dirty Campaign

Glossed Over: Where we take a closer look at what advertisements are really selling.


I am all for the sentiment behind this video, sponsored by Method to raise awareness about the Household Product Labeling Act, which would require cleaning products to list all of their ingredients on the label. At the moment, Mr. Clean and friends don’t have to tell you anything, and even if they do, they don’t have to let you know if any of the incomprehensible chemicals on the list might give you an allergic reaction, or, you know, cancer. If you’d like to see that change, enter your zip code here to send a letter to your Congresspersons asking them to support the bill.

But I am not too sure about the video itself — having been on the receiving end of unwanted ogling plenty of times (like pretty much all women who are remotely identifiable as such), those soap bubbles are creeping me out. If it’s supposed to be funny, it’s making light of an important issue (sexual harassment). If it’s supposed to be scary (because cancer in your bathtub is scary), I would have preferred the video creators to keep the focus on their own rather important issue and explain that consumers have a right to know what’s in their household products because these soap bubbles may pose environmental health risks.


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Placenta. On Your Face.

I had my first Beauty U facial last night — whenever we don’t have any regular customers in the spa, the senior students borrow one of us freshman girls to practice on — and it reminded me to tell you about this.


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The Fantasea Face

My 600-hour adventure in esthetics school. Learn about the project, or catch up with Weeks 1 and 2.

We’ve been practicing the daytime face for two weeks now, so tonight, Meg and I are messing around in our FantaSea makeup kits. They’re filled with clever compartments and secret drawers, all fitted with perfectly pressed cakes of color that beg you to swirl your brushes through them, like walking on fresh snow. There’s even a black plastic comb fitted into the hinge, though no one can explain what we’re going to do with that.

“Remember girls, the daytime face should be very, very light,” says Miss Jenny for perhaps the millionth time. She’s been toning down our preferences for smoky eyes and pouty lips all week. “Very light. You need to be very restrained with your color selections.”


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[Extra Credit] Barbie Chased by Giant Sandwich.

Extra Credit: Conversations about books, movies and other beauty industry buzz.


Thank you, Salon, for this amazingness. And Care Bears on Fire are not a moment too soon, because Barbie just opened her first flagship store earlier this year. In Shanghai. Obviously.

That’s on top of the 30+ Barbie Couture stores that are now scattered across Asia, Europe, and Latin America, offering “glamorous fashions and accessories for adult women.”


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Career Opportunities

During a back wax, pants should be worn. (This guy is not Frank. And he did it for charity.)

Miss Jenny asks us to go around the room and talk about which field of esthetics we’re most interested in pursuing. Everyone is deciding between being a makeup artist or “medical esthetics,” which is where you work in the office or medi-spa of a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. Sometimes you apply camouflage makeup to burn victims or people recovering from a face lift. You might also perform facials or, with advanced training, laser hair and spider vein removal. And of course, you’ll handle the retailing of whatever skin care line your doctor has displayed in her waiting room.

“I want to do something to help people,” says Blanche. “Something not so superficial, if you know what I mean, though that’s just my opinion.”


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Esthetics is a Science. See: Skin Transplants.

My 600-hour adventure in esthetics school. Read about the project, or catch up with Weeks 1 and 2.

So, it’s not all trips to the mall and fancy eyelashes, kittens.

Tonight we studied the history of skin care. Oh, those Egyptians and their wacky kohl eye shadow — great for making eyes look larger and brighter if you don’t mind that it’s a not-so-distant cousin of arsenic. Milady’s apparently does not, because that’s all it has to say about that.


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