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    BuzzFeed, March 2015

    I’d always been self-conscious about my abdomen. When I got endometriosis, everyone else became conscious of it too.

  • CampusRapeHomepage

    The Legacy of Campus Rape

    Sexual assault at colleges isn't new. And it's not about young women who binge drink or wear tight clothing. Here, a prominent feminist examines the phenomenon—and survivors of all ages reveal how an attack changed their lives.

  • PARADE_Heart Essay_Carousel

    Saving The Smallest Hearts

    Virginia Sole-Smith thought her baby was perfectly healthy—until a routine doctor’s visit revealed a heart defect so severe it could have been fatal within hours. The screening test every parent needs to know about.

  • New York Times Magazine, Mermaids, July 2013

    There's Nothing Mickey Mouse About These Mermaids

    At a venerable roadside attraction in the shadow of Disney World, an endangered species is practicing the old secrets of the deep.

  • Harpers "Pink Pyramid Scheme: How Mary Kay Preys on Desperate Housewives" by Virginia Sole-Smith, August 2012

    The Pink Pyramid

    How Mary Kay Cosmetics sells $3 billion per year worth of lipstick, girl power and false promises that you can "have it all."


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The story of Violet's heart. #CHDAwarenessWeek

I've written about writing this piece before, so I won't go into all that back story again. But I wanted to share the essay once again, since it's the last day of Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week. Already, since I first published this piece last August, several more states have passed laws requiring the pulse oximetry screening — which is truly terrific news. But it's still not required in ...

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